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Hello! I'm Meiry.


I am flattered you've decided to learn more about who I am. However, it’s not only about myself, it’s about our connection, mine and yours. That's why I'll be waiting for you to hit the contact page and tell me about you!


But I GET IT. It's hard to send a personal message to someone you've never seen, never talked to, someone you know nothing about.


I'm not one to blab about myself, but for us to connect, it's important that we get to know each other.  So I'll go first:

 I am a hugger, traveller, reader, tea drinker, coffee sipper, ice cream addicted and golden hour lover.

My visual poems are inspired by the golden hour, human connection, true feelings, natural light, movement, earth tones, the aesthetics and nostalgia from old film photos, grain.

I find beauty in the simple mundane things.

​I love to call Paris my home, where I live with a musician, Nyco - who happens to be my life partner - and our plants (and I love talking to them).

Born and raised in Southern Brazil, I have been living in Paris for over 9 years now. Lover of the great outdoors - as well of quaint Parisian streets -, adventures and meeting new people.

Traveling and exploring the most gorgeous corners of the world as well as hidden gems in Paris & connecting with amazing people is a huge part of me and my work as a photographer.

I feel lucky to be doing what I'm doing.

More than showing up just to take some photos of you, I want to know who you are, I want to capture the little things. What makes you perfectly imperfect. I want to be your friend, your third wheel, go crazy with your kids and have a coffee and a nice conversation with you at a Parisian terrace...


Ok, that was a lot! What about you?

My approach is

candid and collaborative, non posed. 

It is experimental. 

It's not about what it looks like, it's much more about how it felt.

I value

experience over production.

I foster


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